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“It is not only about the sign, it is about everything else”


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'THE SIGN HUNTERS' is a unique venture. We organise trips and travel the world to satisfy our passion for collecting photos of settlement signs. A settlement sign is what marks the administrative limit of a geographical location which also lets you know where you are. While visiting a certain place, we can also combine other collecting ambitions, learn about minerals and rocks, visit a museum, a church, a brewery, or a pub, or just simply be at a different location and do all the touristic things together–the limitation here has no literal boundaries.

Our passion is travel settlement-sign-themed. We, of course, pay attention to every possible other detail too as we would never travel just to take a photo of a signage without thoroughly discovering the area and experiencing what that place may have to offer. The signage itself is the motivation, a goal of some kind that keeps us travelling and discovering new places, meet new people and cultures, and learn to be self-sufficient.

We are not regular travellers. We go to places you might otherwise never hear of. We travel as cheap as possible while trying to see as much as we can. We take pictures of limit signs while discovering the setting where the places are located. We normally travel on our feet and walk all day, or ride on a bicycle, or catch a bus or a train, but we might also drive or fly. We sleep wherever we can, we do whatever we want. The good thing is that we can organise all of the faffy bits.

This website hosts the documentation of our successful sign travel projects, a travel magazine filled with articles presented alongside plenty of photos of beautiful places, and all the upcoming trips that we organise and sign projects that we want to accomplish.

We do not want to keep all of these exciting challenges for ourselves and, therefore, would like to encourage anyone who fancies joining one of our unique trips and be part of a memory that will last for a lifetime.

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