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Austria: Exploring Baden with Ronja (b) (v)

Austria: Flak tower and graffiti hunt in Wien (b)


Bulgaria: Sofia through my lenses (b)


China: A Pig In China (China) (official webpage)

China: Beijing, the great capital city of Central State, part 1 (China) (b)

China: Best of Hangzhou 2019 (China) (b)

China: Hiking the Huihang Ancient Trail (China) (b)

China: A metasequoia forest by the Siminghu reservoir (China) (b)

China: Xiazhu Lake National Wetland Park (China) (b)

China: The mud houses of Yangchan (China) (b)

ENGLAND (United Kingdom)

England: Atcham and Attingham Park (b)

England: Bath is bathing in Roman baths (b)

England: Birmingham in details: The city centre (b)

England: Exploring Bishop’s Castle (b) (v)

England: Bristol, a city in the sea of graffiti (b) (v)

England: A brewery-themed sign-hunting in Burton-upon-Trent (b) (v)

England: Cardington and Caer Caradoc ~ Quik Story episode (v)

England: Bat surveying and sign hunting in Claines ~ Quik Story episode (v)

England: The Coventry sign project ~ Quik Story episode (v)

England: Hereford, historic cathedral city of the Marches (b)

England: “From Shrewsbury to Ironbridge” ~ Vlog episode (v)

England: A Beatles-themed sign-hunting in Liverpool (b)

England: A Beatles-themed sign-hunting in Liverpool ~ Quik Story episode (v)

England: London #1: Rotherhithe-Euston walk (b)

England: Ludlow, a highly picturesque market town (b)

England: Where a hill shivers and the land slides: Mam Tor and its surroundings (a)

England: Manchester City Centre (b)

England: Market Drayton vlog episode (b) (v)

England: Cycling from Shrewsbury to Moreton Corbet Castle ~ Quik Story episode (v)

England: Norton and The Hundred House (b)

England: A fine city: Norwich (b)

England: “Triumphing by brave defence” - Newcastle-upon-Tyne (b)

England: New Mills and Kinder Scout ~ Vlog episode (v)

England: Exploring Newport and Church Aston (b)

England: Pattingham recoloured and revitalised (b)

England: Welcome to Rotherham (b)

England: Shifnal, a tiny market town (b)

England: Shrewsbury in details (b)

England: Shrewsbury in winter (b)

England: 100 km from Shrewsbury to Shrewsbury ~ Quik Story episode (v)

England: Smethwick-Handsworth urban exploration (b)

England: A historic market town: Whitchurch (b)

England: Along the canal from Coven-Cross Green to Wolverhampton centre (b)


Georgia: A mediaeval monastic complex in Gelati (b)

Georgia: Gelati ~ Vlog episode (v)

Georgia: Returning to Gelati, visiting Motsameta ~ Vlog episode (v)

Georgia: Gori ~ Vlog episode (v)

Georgia: The Kutaisi sign project (b)

Georgia: Kutaisi ~ Vlog episode (v)

Georgia: Mestia and the Chalaadi Glacier (b)

Georgia: Mestia and the Chalaadi Glacier ~ Vlog episode (v)

Georgia: Tbilisi, a capital city in the Caucasus (b)

Georgia: Tbilisi ~ Vlog episode (v)

Georgia: Time travelling to Zugdidi (b)

Georgia: Zugdidi ~ Vlog episode (v)


Hungary: One of Lake Balaton’s most beautiful villages: Balatongyörök (b)

Hungary: Balatongyörök ~ Quik Story episode (v)

Hungary: Keszthely ~ Quik Story episode (v)

Hungary: Kőszeg, one of my favorite towns (b)

Hungary: The big splash in Orfű (b)

Hungary: Sopron, the most loyal city (b) (v)

Hungary: Welcome to Sorokpolány ~ Quik Story episode (v)

Hungary: Returning to the sign in Sorokpolány ~ Quik Story episode (v)

Hungary: The city of sunshine: Szeged (b)

Hungary: The place where I was born: Szombathely (b)

Hungary: The neighbourhood where I grew up: 65 'Váci Mihály utca', Szombathely (b)


Iceland: Haukadalur-Thingvellir challenge (b)


Latvia: Majori (Jūrmala) ~ Vlog episode (v)

Latvia: Winter. Ethnographic museum. Riga (b)

Latvia: Riga ~ Vlog episode (v)


Lithuania: Kaunas and the Devil’s Museum (b)

Lithuania: Kaunas ~ Vlog episode (v)

Lithuania: The Vilnius sign project ~ Vlog episode (v)

Lithuania: The wintry Vilnius (b)


Norway: A black-metal-themed sign-hunting in Bergen (b)

Norway: Odda and the iconic Trolltunga (b)


Poland: Stołeczne Królewskie Miasto Kraków (b)

SCOTLAND (United Kingdom)

Scotland: The most populous city in Scotland: Glasgow (b)


Slovakia: Beauty on the Danube: Bratislava (b)


Slovenia: Lake Bohinj, Ukanc and their surroundings (b)

Slovenia: The Pekel Gorge, Borovnica ~ Quik Story episode (v)

Slovenia: The Dragon’s City: Ljubljana (b)


Sweden: Chartered in 1621 by Gustavus Adolphus: Göteborg (b)

WALES (United Kingdom)

Wales: A remote location: Aberystwyth (b)

Wales: Wedding and sign-hunting in Caersws ~ Quik Story episode (v)

Wales: Exploring Conwy (b)

Wales: Conwy-Church walking adventure (b)

Wales: Knighton and Offa’s Dyke ~ Quik Story episode (v)

Wales: Llandecwyn and its surroundings (b)

Wales: Pistyll Rhaeadr in Autumn 2016 and Winter 1985 (b)

Wales: Where the train line ends: Pwllheli (b)

Wales: Conquering Rodney’s Pillar ~ Quik Story episode (v)

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