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“It is not only about the sign, it is about everything else”


I am a professional teacher and researcher specialising in Earth and Environmental Sciences. I am the owner of Frugeo GRI Limited, a Shrewsbury-based education and research company. I have gained my knowledge and expertise from universities across Europe (Pécs, Wolverhampton, Maribor, Zagreb, Ljubljana, and Birmingham). I am a passionate discoverer and an extreme settlement sign enthusiast. Learn about me by looking through my LinkedIn profile.


I am a freelance documentary film maker living and working in Shropshire, England. I obtained both my BA (Hons) and Masters in Fine Art, specialising in documentary film at The School of Art (BCU). I have accompanied Laszlo in a number of exciting and challenging trips across Europe. Learn more about me by visiting my website.

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The Sign Hunters is a formation of Laszlo and Katie

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